White Rose Petroleum Jelly

White Rose Petroleum Jelly

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Pure all-purpose pomade. Since 1937

A great pomade for shine and chemical-free skin cream in one. 100% pure, vegan, allergy- and fragrance-free. Cult in the 1950s


The "White Rose Petroleum Jelly" is one of the oldest products of the legendary pomade manufacturer J. Strickland & Co. from Memphis / Tennessee (U.S.A.). For over 75 years, it is one of the most popular, traditional skin and hair care products in America.

The pomade surprises. Because it is a very good medium weight hair dressing - in an early fifties Elvis style. It gives a superior shine, slicks well, but with time and the hair just looks elegant. Secondly, it's incredibly versatile. For everything that is dry or should go smoothly, White Rose is the first choice.


Fragrance and consistency

The White Rose is completely fragrance-free. It consists only of pure, white petrolatum (also called petroleum jelly), which differs greatly from the usual ones. So the White Rose is tougher, denser and has more gloss. 

The White Rose Petroleum Jelly reminds very much of the "Royal Crown Hair Dressing" or "Royal Crown Mens Pomade" which both are made by the same manufacturer. With the difference that the White Rose is completely free of any fragrances or oils. Also the White Rose doesn't contain any chemistry: no silicones, no parabens, no PEG, no colors. In the fifties, the White Rose was - like the Royal Crown pomade - also packaged in a cardboard box with an embossed metal lid.


The effect

The White Rose Pomade gives the hair a great shine and a light to medium-firm hold, which surprisingly keeps its shape. Of course, the hair won't be as dry hard as gel, but soft and falls easier aside. For a shiny - not necessarily slicked - look of the 1940s this pomade is great. You can use of this one even twice or three times as much as you take usually. Maybe that's why this pomade comes in a large 12 oz pot.

The White Rose is not only a perfect solution for people with allergies or vegans, but for all who want to have a pot full of joy. Specifically for skin and hair. For the girlfriend, the White Rose is recommended as f.e. a make-up remover or as nail care.

Perfect in autumn and winter: As pure petrolatum the White Rose protects the hair and skin against dryness, cold and wind. However, since no further nourishing oils are included, the skin and hair won't be supplied with further care. But this is not a drama, since the applications of the White Rose are already so versatile. 


The manufacturer recommends, for example, these applications:  

  • For slicking and styling hair
  • For sooting the skin after shaving, or to soften shaved legs
  • For protecting from dryness, and rough skin
  • As a remedy for dry scalp
  • For removing make-up
  • For soothing the cuticles and making brittle nails supple
  • As a body cream


The story of the White Rose


In the 1950s, the "White Rose Petroleum Jelly" became famous by the American radio disc jockey Gene Nobles. Gene Nobles played maybe as the first white DJ in the early 1950s records of black R & B musicians like Fats Domino, Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Overnight so the quiet radio station WLAC in Nashville became popular. And with it, Gene Nobles.


Gene Nobles popularity was enhanced by the witty and sarcasmic manner in which he promoted the products of the WLAC sponsors - mostly local record shops, but also the pomades of J.Strickland & Co.. In the early 1960s he therefore got into trouble with the authorities because of his ambiguous proposals for "White Rose Petroleum Jelly" and what else one could do with it. However the teenagers then loved it, which is perhaps one of the reasons why you still can buy the White Rose Petroleum Jelly today.


The pomade is packaged in a transparent plastic box with white screw lid.


Made in the USA.

(No perfumes, colors, or preservatives)


Content: 12 oz (340 g) 


  • 100% pure petroleum jelly. Nothing else.


About J. Strickland & Co:


J. Strickland & Co. is an American manufacturer of beauty, hair and skin care products from Memphis / Tennessee - the place worldwide famous and associated with Elvis. The company was founded 1936. Since then J.Strickland & Co. still manufactures pomades like Royal Crown, Blue Magic or Queen.


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