Vaseline Hair Tonic, 100 ml

Vaseline Hair Tonic, 100 ml

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The popular hair tonic and scalp conditioner of the 1920-70s


Use daily to replace the natural oils in your hair and on scalp. It leaves your hair easy to comb and with the healthy Vaseline shine.
Directions: Poor a little into hand, massage vigorously into scalp and hair, then groom.

Vaseline_hair-tonic-1934_pomadeshop.jpg  Vaseline_hair-tonic-1935_blonde_pomadeshop.jpg

(Ads for Vaseline Hair Tonic from 1934 and 1935)

Vaseline_hair-tonic-1937_pomadeshop.jpg    vaseline_hair_tonic_playboy_1960_pomadeshop.jpg
(Ads for Vaseline Hair Tonic from 1937 and 1960)

How to style a pomp with Vaseline Hair Tonic

Sent by David, from the swiss Country Rock Band "The Vintage":

  1. For sure it's possible to do a pompadour with Hair Tonic but only on dry hair.
  2. After that, I put Vaseline Hair Tonic by the side at first.
  3. I put the hair in place with a brush
  4. and I finish with my Hercules Saegemann comb

The cool thing is the light weight. So when I sing on stage, my hair fall down on my face when I shake my head.

vaseline-hair-tonic-pomp-by-david-the-vintage-band_01.jpg  vaseline-hair-tonic-pomp-by-david-the-vintage-band_02.jpg  vaseline-hair-tonic-pomp-by-david-the-vintage-band_03.jpg   vaseline-hair-tonic-pomp-by-david-the-vintage-band_04.jpg
(Pictures: David, from the swiss Country Rock Band "The Vintage". For this pomp was used: Vaseline Hair Tonic, hairbrush, comb)

Unfortunately Vaseline Hair Tonic i no longer available in retail stores across the USA. Get it today on PomadeShop.
Made in India.

(Without alcohol or colour)

Net. Wt. 3,5 fl oz. (100 ml)


  • Mineral Oil
  • Perfume
  • Benzyl Benzoate
  • Citronellol
  • Geraniol
  • Limonene
  • Linalool

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